UBC Day 14: What Book is That Anyway?

Anyone who knows me at all understands that I love to read. They also know that I enjoy community. The ability to both read what I like and be able to discuss genres and its myriad of tropes should be considered a match made in Heaven. Listening to the perspective of others and giving book recommendations is incredibly fun. There are, however, some downsides to being a part of online book spaces that I would like to discuss, particularly when it comes to Facebook groups.
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TBR Challenge: The SEAL’s Second Chance

Book challenges are often the bane of my existence, but then I read a post by Wendy the Super Librarian about the TBR challenge. TBR, or To-Be-Read pile is often a monolithic-sized obstacle that we as readers swear we’ll stop adding to while we continue to buy or add titles, swearing we’ll get to it someday. Between the books that I have in Voice Dream Reader and the Kindle app, I think I have plenty from which to choose.
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