UBC Day 3: Teenaged Poetry Slam! How It All Went Wrong

Many of you may know that I am a voracious reader, and at some point during this thirty day challenge, I will tell the stories of what shaped my reading habits and gave me a pure and unadulterated passion for the written word. You may also know that my number one genre is romance. To that end, I find it hysterical that during my teenaged years, no one was finding their happily-ever-after in anything that I wrote. Since one of my many talents includes the ability to make fun of myself, let’s take a journey of what that body of written work included.
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UBC Day 2: Standing By, All Hands on Deck

When I began this challenge, I told myself that I wouldn’t discuss Covid-19 and its effects on me or the impact that it has made around the world. I like to dwell more on the positive, but I also realize that since this is my blog, it is important to me that I am honest and authentic. With that said, please take care of you. If you don’t want to read about this, don’t worry. I’ll probably have something a little lighter tomorrow. Continue reading “UBC Day 2: Standing By, All Hands on Deck”

TBR Challenge: The SEAL’s Second Chance

Book challenges are often the bane of my existence, but then I read a post by Wendy the Super Librarian about the TBR challenge. TBR, or To-Be-Read pile is often a monolithic-sized obstacle that we as readers swear we’ll stop adding to while we continue to buy or add titles, swearing we’ll get to it someday. Between the books that I have in Voice Dream Reader and the Kindle app, I think I have plenty from which to choose.
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