UBC Day 4: A Still Moment Amidst the Noise

I have really struggled to figure out what my topic would be for today. This blog challenge is good in that it is getting me to write every day, but I have a hard time just letting my thoughts flow without having to justify it.

So, I have let this post simmer in my mind as I try to grapple with what I want to tackle.

And you know what? I don’t want to tackle anything.
I’m struggling with a feeling of failure with this challenge and my sadness over all that is taking place in our world. And yet, as I sit down to write this post, I feel at peace.

I have a nature skill on my Amazon Echo called Thunderstorms. As I write, I am transported to a place where the rain falls around me, but I am not touched. The thunder doesn’t roar but instead booms in fits and starts in a languorous journey in a sky that is prepared to deal with its insistent thrum. I am safe and warm as the storm falls around me, drenching the Earth with life-giving sustenance and bathing the land in a cascading torrent of tears.

I feel myself relax slowly, my mind sorting through the mundane and the essential, the joys and the sorrows, as it realigns itself. I feel the tired pieces of my spirit knitting themselves back together for another round of this thing called life.

I am still and it is beautiful. It probably sounds a little hippie-dippie, too, but it is still working.

I hope in this time of uncertainty and high stress, you can find your stillness somewhere. Whether it be through prayer, meditation, listening to a nature track, reading a book, or just deep breathing, I hope you can find these moments and hold on to them. I hope we all can remember that stillness is okay, that it’s alright to take that step back and simply be.

Tonight, I am still. Tonight, I simply am. And for now, that is enough.

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