Dogventures Day 10: Party Like a Rock Star

Hey look at this! We have reached the double digits which means that I have a week and some change left of training. We also have a whole lot of consistent writing which makes me extremely happy.


After the usual routine, Treble and I made our way to obedience. I have to tell you that I’m struggling with getting up on time but I am sure it has to do with making bad life choices in staying up late.


Today, treble had to follow my commands while the instructors liberally made use of the sacred squeaky toy. The instructors told meĀ  that Treble had this look of ‘I really want to do the right thing but it’s so hard’ on her face. She did a wonderful job.


After breakfast, we headed off to White Plains. Today’s route included working past some distractions and heading to Starbucks, where my lactose intolerant self finally asked for dairy alternatives in my drink. Look at me being a responsible adult!


My instructor took time and asked me about the things that I am hoping to do more of before I go home and I said that I’d love to work in more crowded areas such as stores, narrow sidewalks, etc. I’m not sure that I really had a good answer but those were the things that I considered. I also mentioned more bus work and indoor work. It was very nice to see how far Treble and I have come since the first day of meeting her.


During lunch, some people were talking about difficult routes that they experienced today. I reminded all of us that it can be that way sometimes and said that last week around this time, we were struggling to keep our dogs in control while attempting to eat lunch.


After lunch, we did a relay route. One person would leave to head toward the van which was a few blocks down, then another person would leave. Up until that point, the instructors have either been right next to us or directly behind us. It felt great working with Treble and realizing that I really do have this. I am making clear decisions, I know when she’s getting off track, and I know when she is doing her very best work. I am able to read her cues so much more now. We’re really working with her to stop air scenting and ground sniffing.sniffing.


Once we got back to the school, we had an optional distractions exercise that I took part in. We sat outside in chairs while the instructors threw balls and frisbees, and crushed pine cones. sometimes the ball would be bounced right in front of the noses of our dogs. If they didn’t move, we’d give them food to reward them and continue to establish where their focus should be.


The lecture involved traveling in areas where there are no sidewalks. Ideally, you want the dog to be on your left, while you are between them and the cars. You stop, turn to the left, and make certain that you are still on the side rather than having drifted on the road.


After dinner, a lot of us went back outside on the patio, playing music and singing. Let me tell you, a class can sometimes make or break the overall experience. This class is hilarious. We are always singing, laughing, and admittedly, we are pretty loud. I’ve gotten to know so many students and it’s been wonderful.


Later on, we gathered around the piano and one of our classmates played. He is very talented. The dogs do so great with the noises. None of them are afraid or make noises when there are loudĀ  sounds.

I have had Treble for a full week now and this experience has been fantastic. I truly love this dog and am very happy about our progress. The parking is getting much easier although sometimes I’m still like ‘is she peeing?’.


Food Report

Breakfast: omelette with ham, cheese, onions, and peppers along with a side of toast and strawberry jam

Lunch: Grilled Cheese sandwich

Dinner: Tilapia, baked potato, and asparagus? I don’t remember. I started this post last night and now it all seems like a vague memory.

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