UBC Day 7: Married to Magic

I decided to flip the script on this prompt. As usual, I got it from this website and wrote all I could in twenty minutes. I’ve only edited for spelling.

You’re a mail order bride arriving at her new home for the first time.

Acres of beautifully cultivated land passed as I stared down at my hands. What would it be like? I wanted a new start, a beginning that would be different, but I wasn’t certain that I believed in starting over anymore. Not when I could still see the fresh blood pooling beneath those whom I’d cared about the most.

Without much means or money, I did the only thing that I could. I answered an advertisement asking for a marriage partner. The ad was very clear that I should not get my hopes up for the ideal of love. I was alright with that. Love was something for those who were not broken, someone who was worth the fight.

The car pulled in front of the large ranch style home and I stepped out, giving the driver a tip for all of his trouble. He assisted me with my two suitcases, filled with my things. My heart beat wildly, but I took several breaths of the crisp spring air.

The add also asked for discretion. I was not to tell anyone why I was in town, only that I would be coming here as the caretaker of the house. I spoke to very few people, save to get the lay of the land. I was all nerves, but there was something about the quiet expanse of open land and trees that called out to me.

As the driver left, I took my first easy breath and took stock of my surroundings. There were several paths that led off in to the trees and I could see a large black Labrador romping around and chasing his tail.

The dog trotted up to me and I reached down, giving him a gentle pat. “Well, aren’t you an adorable fellow?” I asked as I rubbed his ears. “I bet your owner has a great name for you, huh?”

“Indeed.” Came the voice as clear as a bell. I turned quickly back toward the house, and there she was. All long legs and lush curves. Lustrous black hair was pulled up in to a ponytail and she regarded her much as she regarded me.

“Liara?” I asked, a smile gracing my lips. We stared at each other awkwardly before the dog trotted between us and flopped down.

“Ashton.” Her voice was clear and gentle, although her eyes flashed fire. “Come with me.”

Nodding, I gathered my things and followed us in to the house, the dog bounding up the stairs before me. Closing the door behind me, I couldn’t help but admire the home. It was meticulous with abstract art upon the walls. A kitchen was off of the living room, and a set of stairs wound upward.

“Kip, you beast.” She said as she gave the dog a pat. “I can tell if Ill like someone by the way that they respond to my dog. Come, there’s no time to dawdle.”

I hurried after her and she gestured to a spacious room. “This is yours.” She said with a small smile.

“Mine?” I asked, confused.

“Of course. We don’t really know each other well enough for either one of us to take liberties.”

I smiled at her and placed mu suitcase down. “In our communications, you asked about my work.”

Liara stepped inside, and while she did not lean in to my space nor I in hers, I could feel her presence wrapping around me like a hug.’

“Why here?” She asked. “There will be honesty between us.”

I nodded as I opened one of the suitcases. A collection of blades separated by size lay along the bottom. Several hard-bound books were atop them.

“We have a mutual enemy.” I said, my tone easy. “It was enough for me to gather that from your letter after I responded to your ad.”

Nodding, she gestured toward one off the blades. “Take this one.”

I withdrew a blade and quickly closed and locked the suitcase. “Why me?” I asked her. “I would have honesty between us.”

“I recognized your aura. What you were saying without the words. What you drew.”

She turned and I followed her in to the workshop. She gestured sharply for Kip to go in the opposite direction. Pain sizzled along my nerves as I stepped in to the shop, but I stole myself against the discomfort.

“The circle has been drawn.” Liara said. I inspected it and she smirked. “Good. It’s good to be careful when working with unfamiliar magics.”

We stepped in to the circle together and I placed the blade between us.

“We have a common enemy. He has taken much from the both of us. But together, we fight.”

I nodded and scored my hand against the sharp edge of the blade. “Together we fight.”

I took her hand in my own, the first time that we touched and said, “But first must come trust. Will you walk this road with me? Even if there is no love between us?”

Liara nodded, pressing the sliced part of her palm against my own. “Yes.”

I felt the magic settle over us and we smiled. White light struck the blade between us and the intricate spell runes that I’d engraved wound its way upward.

Nodding, Liara said softly, “Now, let’s have dinner. There’s much that we would learn about each other. Starting with my new husband’s favorite meal.”

“The kind that I don’t have to catch.” I teased. Perhaps this would not be as difficult a task as I first imagined.

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