Dogventures Day 12: Tanner,You are the Brother but I Miss My Full House

I never know how to begin these posts, but here we are again on a Friday that does not feel like a Friday.

Today’s obedience session with Treble started off with a bang. Not one dog but two were running around her, often moving next to or in front of her. I also think that kibble was being tossed around as well. I kept telling myself, ‘okay, she’ll get this last down stay sequence and we can head to breakfast.

Narrator: It took six down stay sequences.


After breakfast, I took a nap and then headed out to do our country route and shorelining, which I think I explained in a different post. We walk with the dog in an area that has no sidewalks and they stay on the left hand side, close to the curb. If a car comes, we stop, turn left to the curb so that I can make sure that she hasn’t drifted, and then click and feed. I’ll be honest, shore lining is not my favorite but it’s one more tool in the arsenal. I was so glad when we were finished.


After that, I went to the souvenir shop and purchased a water bottle (apparently I want a collection of them), a collapsible bowl with the Guiding Eyes logo, a keychain in the shape of a bone which I’m sure I have and have probably lost much like I’ll likely lose this one, and a black lab stuffed animal. Don’t judge me. It was cute and soft, damn it!


I killed some time and then after lunch went to our vet lecture. Dr. B. discussed the importance of choosing a good food for your dog, getting them physicals, making sure that they are vaccinated, choosing a good vet, and a lot of other good information, but I really want to get to my favorite part. More about Treble!


Guiding Eyes has a veterinary facility on campus. They are able to keep their finger on the pulse of every dog, communicate with guide dog handlers about their dogs and work with your own vet if needed. They are supportive and can often provide a second opinion.


I took Treble over and got a year’s supply of Vectra and Heart Guard. Heart Guard is a pill that you give them once a month as a heartworm preventative. Vectra repels mosquitos, ticks, and fleas, and prevents the latter bugs from bothering your pup.


It turns out that Treble is 58 pounds. We want the dogs to be within three pounds of their target weight, which for her is 57. Her birthday is June 15 and she will be turning two years old.


Treble’s brother is also in class. Spoiler alert, his name is not Bass.

He is also a yellow lab with a brighter coloring than Treble. He is a very sweet boy and his handler and I enjoy calling them the dynamic Brother and sister pair, but not the Flowers in the Attic kind. We would have been so disappointed if they weren’t related!


The day was pretty easy. Tomorrow is traffic check day. I don’t feel nervous about that, but I’ll be glad of when we’re done.


This is the time during the class where people have hit a brick wall. we have our portion of graduation to plan, class is stressful, we’re tired, we are ready to be home, and frankly, I want to work on building new routes and establishing patterns with Treble on my own. I’m glad to be here, the instruction is excellent, but I’m just wanting to be done and introduce Treble to her new life and all of the people who will adore her.


to that end, I’m having to find ways to keep myself calm. I am doing this by taking myself away from others, watching a fun show, talking to friends. I wish I had my go-to of reading books right now, but I think I just need to listen to some podcasts.


Next week will pass quickly, but I’m just ready to¬† be home and doing my own thing. This is just a reality of class. It isn’t anyone’s fault, but sometimes tempers can fly. I think we’re doing okay for the most part, but I am feeling irritated and antsy, but can’t necessarily give a good reason as to what caused it other than what I wrote above.


I am in a lot of pain. I tweaked my knee again and it just hurts all the time. I am very frustrated with myself because I seem to feel like I shouldn’t let out a single complaint. I just take my ibuprofen and try not to mention it, but today felt damn near unbearable. I’m used to knee pain, but having an injury be exacerbated is just hard. I also had an epiphany that hey, maybe I don’t have to hold all of that in, but here we are. I try to be optimistic but I’m just not feeling it right now. Hopefully a good sleep will clear up some of these doldrums that aren’t all class-related¬† that I’m quietly struggling with right now. It is hard to even write this out because there is no concrete reason, it just is.


The bright spot of my day was having classmates tell me that they have been reading this blog and teasing me to post twice a day. I told them that they are lucky they get once a day. It makes me happy that people who are going through this process are finding my words helpful in some way.


After a meeting tonight, I had a very good play session with Treble, who is now sprawled out and sleeping.


Food report

Breakfast: bacon and toast? I honestly don’t remember! Wow!

lunch: Grilled cheese sandwich

Dinner: shrimp over rice and zucchini and the last strawberry shortcake popsicle.



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