UBC Day 1: Who Needs a Comfort Zone, anyway?

Challenges fill me with a wild mixture of hope and dread. The hope comes from the idea of starting something new, trying something different. I am not the most competitive person. I don’t like competitions or having to pit myself against someone else. I’d much rather collaborate instead.


The dread comes from worrying that I will fail. If I get behind on a challenge, then I’m stuck trying to either play catch up (like tonight when I’m posting Day 1 when I ought to be on Day 2) or worrying that I won’t have enough content. Then I get incredibly overwhelmed and find myself stuck and stagnant.


Much like my current blog, really.


Yet, there is something about taking those first steps and shaking off the worry of my blog not being perfect or having all the kinks worked out of it. Because if I know me, I will use that as a reason to not try and then I’ll be back in the same boat.


So, I’m substituting the word ‘challenge’ for stretch goal and hopefully that will give me a better connotation. Association is everything.


So, here I am making a declarative statement that I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, something that I found out about on New Year’s Eve. My goal is for there to be a blog post every day and that by doing so, I will also not be so overwhelmed by this platform.

I am very excited about the people that I will meet throughout the challenge who are also trying to get their words out each and every day. I know I will make new friends and learn about the interests of others.


So here I am!


Let’s do this.

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