UBC day 6: Epistolary or bust?

I didn’t end up posting last night, so let this make up for it.

Also, trying to write these introductory posts without self-deprecation or negative talk is really hard. I’ll just say that I really struggled with this prompt from the website I’ve been getting these from, but I enjoyed it all the same!

Tell a story through text messages.

Lynette: I have a story to tell you.
Michael: Oh? What’s up.
Lynette: you know how it goes. I was busy doing all the things that I had to do today. Work, school, taking the kids to where they needed to go.
Michael: yeah. Sorry, brb.
Lynette: no problem. It’s taking me a bit to type all this out anyway. But, I ran in to Mr. Gilbert from next door. You know him? Kind of tall. Works as a mechanic?
Lynette: I see that you aren’t back yet. No worries, I can type all night. Just got done doing an Instacart order.
Lynette: Mr. Gilbert was just telling me about how he was looking at a new position for his job. He likes being a salesman, but he wanted to do some other things and it looks like he’s being offered full partnership.
Michael: k.
Lynette: What are you doing, anyway?
Michael: Sorry. Finishing up some work. Go on, babe.
Lynette: Anyway, his son is hoping to make it to the big leagues in soccer.
Michael: that’s cool. Seattle Sounders could always use another good player. Sorry, brb. Been trying to find my damn wallet. Have you seen it?
Lynette: Last I saw, it was on you, sweetie. Anyway, then Mrs. Cosgrove’s dog got out again. So I chased it down the road, scooped it up, and brought him back to her. She’s so sweet. Hopefully, we can all work together and get that fence fixed up.
Michael: yeah. That’s cool.
Lynette: See? I even have a pic.
*attached to the text message is a picture of a small white dog with a tiny little jacket wrapped around its body*
Michael: Awww. Cute.
Lynette: She calls him Sir Wigglington. Isn’t he adorable? Max said that he wants a dog. I’d like to get him one if we can find the right kind.
Michael: Maybe. But the kid needs to get more responsibility first. He’s always losing things.
Lynette: Says the guy who can’t find his wallet.
Michael: Low blow, damn. *sad face*
Lynette: You usually don’t complain about blows being on the low side, but okay. *innocent*
Michael: That’s just wrong. Go on. What else is up?
Lynette: Well, back to the Gilberts.’. Mr. Gilbert was saying he and his wife were celebrating their 25th year anniversary. There’s something about love that is so wonderful when someone can say that. They love each other. Not just staying in the marriage for the sake of someone or the kids. It’s nice to see.
Michael: yeah, love can be like that. Damn it, maybe Max has my wallet. Or Sarenna.
Lynette: What would they want with your wallet? That’s boring stuff for kids. Sarenna’s in dance class and Max is staying with a friend tonight to work on an art project.
Michael: You let them do too many things.
Lynette; not interested in going back and forth with you about this over text. I’ll be home soon and we can talk about it later.
Michael: yeah, sure. Sorry. Just a really long day.
Lynette: I know it has been. For me, too.
Michael: Damn, looking outside and I see a lot of cars going down our road.
Lynette: Always something going on, right? Anyway, Mr. Gilbert was telling me about their marriage. How happy they are. And it made me think about how things can change when you don’t expect it. We go in to marriage thinking that it’s going to last, that nothing can tear it apart. Then life happens, jobs happen, you know?
Michael: I know. I’m sorry I’ve been so busy lately, babe.
Lynette: No, it’s alright. That’s par for the course. It takes communication. I just know that it made me think about how devastated I would be, you know?
Michael: I know. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
Lynette: …
Michael: No, seriously. You are. I know I don’t always show it.
Lynette: But devastation doesn’t stop me from doing the right thing.
Michael: What do you mean? *confused face*
Lynette: it didn’t stop me from snooping when Mrs. Gilbert said that you were harassing her. Had been for months. That she didn’t want to tell me or her husband because she wanted to keep everything on a nice even keel.
Michael: WTf are you talking about?
Lynette: Oh, I think you know. Just like how the earring she’s been missing was in your wallet With a cozy note all about the things you want to do to her if she doesn’t give in to your advances.
Michael: WTf. We’ll talk about this later. There’s a knock at the door.
Lynette: I know. I’m almost there. Enjoy speaking with Mr. Gilbert and the police. See you in court.

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